Why Us


Students at Flamingo are loved. We dedicate ourselves to creating a caring learning community of children, teachers, and administrators. Our amazing team of educators will have an everlasting connection with your little one and encourage him/her to reach for the stars. Our caring administrators demonstrate outstanding customer service as hospitality is extremely important to us. We will welcome your family into our school each morning/evening and assist you with personal belongings should you need assistance.


Curriculum stretches the boundaries as all Flamingo students are privileged with great opportunities to develop along a trajectory pathway of their own! Outside-of-the-box activities and projects such as gardening, outdoor BEACH, STEAM Fridays, big orange playground, and jazzy music vibes make education at Flamingo simply top tier and whimsical.


Flamingo graduates are proven to be successful and beyond a Kindergarten level. The results are that some go to private schools, Gifted and Talented, or leaders in elementary schools. No matter where they go they make a difference.

We hope to see you soon at the Island!