Education at Flamingo is balanced, holistic and begins with an understanding that the core of a happy healthy, child begins with social and emotional learning. Young children are nurtured and educated to respect themselves, respect others while developing empathy and kindness in their hearts. Together, we collaborate with parents on this learning adventure while growing a great child.


Parties and community events offered at Flamingo enrich the life of each student. From our sizzling hot 4th of July Party to our Children’s Little DaVinci Art Exhibition, each event brings together 200-400 families and friends. More importantly, these events build memories that last a lifetime.


Yoga is good for ages 1 through 101! The practice teaches a child how to focus and breathe, techniques that will support a child throughout his/her lifetime. Flamingo music classes occur three times a week. Did you know that learning to play an instrument can increase IQ by 7.5 points? Organic gardening is a labor of love and teaches young students the intrinsic rewards of planting, nurturing, and growing. The life cycle is a slow, beautiful, and enriching experience as students eventually harvest their own tomatoes, strawberries cucumbers, figs, and corn.


It is this persistency, dedication, and enthusiasm about learning that makes Flamingo a school beyond standard academics. Beyond the basic curriculum is our dedication to health and safety.  We also use hospital-grade level products to keep our school germy-free!